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Printable FAQS pdf

Important, please read!

  • What are the slaughter times?

    • BEEF need to be at the locker by 7:30 the morning of kill, they can be dropped off the afternoon/evening before.  

    • HOGS, LAMB, GOATS need to be at the locker by 8:00 the morning of kill, they can be dropped off the afternoon/evening before.   

    • If you are late to the appointment, $100 per head late fee will be charged. 

  • Do I get my own meat back?

    • Yes, you will always receive your own meat.  We tag each carcass to the name of the customer.  The tag follows your carcass all the way to the freezer.

  • How do we know when our meat is ready?

    • Hogs, lambs & goats are processed the following day.  We will use a common cut instruction if we do not hear from you/your customers for processing.  

    • Most generally it takes 2 – 3 weeks.  When the meat is processed, and frozen we send you a card.  We give you 30 business days after your meat is ready to pick up.  We do not have freezer space to hold processed meat long term.  After the 30 days, you will be charged.  After 90 days, if your processed meat is not picked up, it will no longer be available to you.  

  • What percent yield will my animal produce?

    • Yield depends on condition of animal.  Ex: If your animal is fat your yield will be lower.  If you want bone in product your yield will appear higher.

  • When are you open for pickup?

    • 8am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays.

  • What will the beef to fat content be in my hamburger?

    • This will largely depend on the amount of fat on your carcass.  We typically try to achieve an 85-15 mix.  The larger amount of red meat (steaks and roasts) that are cut will typically produce a higher fat content in your ground beef.

  • Things you need to know:

    • We charge all processing fees off of the carcass/hanging weight. You will take home approximately 60% - 65% of that weight on beef and 70% - 75% of that weight on hog.

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